Paper on Rebaudioside-A is JCP Editor’s Choice for 2016

Our article “On the Connection Between Monotonic Taste Behavior and Molecular Conformation in Solution: The Case of Rebaudioside-A” has been selected as a Journal of Chemical Physics Editors’ Choice article for 2016. Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A), a zero-calorie sweetener extracted from the leaves of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana, has an unusual nonmonotonic dependence of its sweet taste intensity with temperature (while most sweeteners become sweeter with increasing temperature, Reb-A has a minimum of sweetness around 40 ºC). In this paper, we use a combination of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Molecular Dynamics simulations to show how this unusual taste behavior is connected to the various molecular conformations of Reb-A in solution. More information on the JCP Editors’ Choice articles can be found in this link.